Invista launches Stainward carpet fiber for China market

[Shanghai, China] Ever mindful of the global potential for growth, Invista has unveiled Stainward carpet fiber, a new carpet brand endorsed by the well-known Antron commercial carpet fiber brand. Stainward, a polyester fiber system, was designed to meet the specific needs of the Chinese hospitality market, according to Dan Haycook, Invista’s executive vice president, Surfaces. Haycook explained that Stainward carpet offers superior carpet flammability performance compared to polypropylene fiber, which is currently used for most hotel room carpets in China, making it a better choice.

Designed and tested at Invista’s state-of-the-art laboratory in the U.S.A., the research and development for Stainward carpet took two years, according to the company. Tests were conducted against exacting performance criteria. Stainward carpet was found to offer both better flame resistance than carpet made from polypropylene fiber and also outstanding stain resistance compared to carpet made of type 6 nylon, according to Invista. Stainward fiber will initially be manufactured in the U.S. and is available in a number of colors.

Invista is evaluating now for possible manufacturing of Stainward fiber in China, Haycook added. Stainward carpet will be manufactured in China under license from Invista by Zhejiang Jiayuan Carpet Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Invista Performance Surfaces Business has a 15-year relationship with the company.

“The China market is strategically critical to Invista, both as a market and as a production base, and the launch of Stainward carpet, as a product designed for and manufactured in China, is a fitting testament to that,” said Mark Delaplane, vice president of the company’s Asia Pacific Flooring business. “Our global reach and decades of experience equip us with an unparalleled understanding of the markets in which we operate, and this enables us to develop differentiated products like Stainward carpet that meet the diverse requirements of our customers. It’s a strategy that served us well in the past and I’m confident that Stainward carpet, with its unique appeal to end-customers and endorsement from our respected Antron brand, will be a great success.”

Invista Performance Surfaces business has a solid presence in China, with local production of Type 6 nylon and processed yarns located close to customers across the country, according to the company. Other brands marketed by the company include Antron carpet fiber brand, with product lines including Antron Lumena solution dyed nylon and Antron Legacy nylon.

“Stainward carpet was created in response to what we were hearing from our partners in China, who identified demand for a carpet fiber with several of the same key benefits as Antron, but at a more affordable price point,” continued Delaplane. “Following a lengthy and careful research and development process, I believe Stainward carpet provides an exact match for their needs and illustrates what is possible when a global company applies its know-how and resources to developing solutions for a specific market need. Invista will continue to seek opportunities to serve the growing needs of its customers in China and all over Asia.”

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