introduces 2014 new products

[St. Paul, Minn.] announced it will introduce new flooring accessory products at Surfaces 2014. new Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) molding profiles include Mini T-Molding and Mini Square Nose.

“These innovative new LVT molding designs can really help the industry,” said Dennis Leach, CEO of “By solving the fit and look of LVT moldings, LVT flooring sales can be closed quickly and post-installation customer satisfaction can improve dramatically.” new Builder Series Treads provides an affordable unfinished, natural, and stained tread product line to the flooring industry, with faster turnarounds and shipping times.

The new ZeroVOC Oil Finish is 100 percent free of water and VOC’s, making it environmentally friendly. ZeroVOC Oil Finish also colors and coats in one coat, minimizing consumption and establishing durable long-lasting protection.

ZeroVOC Oil Finish enhances and maintains the natural “look and feel” of the wood, allowing it to bring out the grains and wood characteristics that consumers appreciate. Not to mention the ease to make repairs to the wood for the consumer – the technology allows local repair of damaged areas or scratches.

“This innovative new finish can really help distributors tap into a new flooring trend offering a new look in style and design.” said Leach. “By ordering flooring accessories with our innovative ZeroVOC Oil Finish, distributors can increase sales of moldings, vents, and treads using this new technology.”

ZeroVOC Oil Finish is now available to MOI customers in the U.S. and Canada. Also, additional services and products will frequently be added for the 2014 fiscal year.


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