Preverco to show its hand at Surfaces

[Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec] This year Preverco is back at the Surfaces trade show in Las Vegas from January 28 to 30 with a diversity of new creations, the company announced.

“Preverco is proud to be one of the only Canadian manufacturers exhibiting here at a show we’ve attended for more than ten years running,” said Étienne Chabot, Preverco’s vice president of marketing. “We always strive to stay on the cutting edge, pushing the boundaries of the wood flooring market. Our designs are in lockstep with customer trends, and those trends never stop evolving.”

This year Preverco is launching SolidFlexTM, a new affordable engineered floor platform that’s 100 percent made in Canada. It features a 4-mm hardwood top layer on a 15 mm cup resistant solid pine filleted core. The engineered platform achieves the same natural look as solid wood by using irregular board lengths. It’s a unique, innovative solution for houses, condos, or any residential project, and will be available in traditional wood species. It also offers optimal performance regardless of installation method.

In line with the new “rustic chic,” trend, Preverco is also unveiling its all-new grey and pale color stains including Inox, Sky and Latte. There is also the recently launched Edge, a hardwood floor texture inspired by the floors of yesteryear with a contemporary twist.

According to Preverco, its PreOilTM floor lineup, launched in January 2013, will now be expanded to the more traditional Distinction collection in five new colors: Chocolate, Caramel, Glaze, Truffle and Nougat.


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