Custom expands profile and transition products

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 4.42.32 PMSeal Beach, Calif. — Custom Building Products, a provider of tile and stone installation systems, expanded its line of high-quality profile and transition finishing strips and edge trim with two new profile categories: movement joints and coves.

Available in a variety of popular styles, designs and finishes, Custom’s Profiles and Transitions is designed to create smooth junctions between rooms, bridge gaps between different types of floor covering or tile materials and protect the edges of ceramic tile and natural stone for lasting beauty.

Custom’s new PROCONNEXTM movement joints are specifically designed to accommodate horizontal and vertical stresses on floors or between walls and floors to help prevent cracks. Three options are available in varying heights and finishes including a thin-bed profile for interior and exterior applications, a corner profile that also minimizes sound transfer and an expansion joint profile that bridges up to 1-3/16”.

The new PROCOVETM coves shape profiles make cleaning easier by providing rounded edges at floors. Three different options are available including one and two sided designs complete with corner pieces, end caps and connectors. Popular finishes include Brass Satin, Bronze Satin, Silver Satin and Stainless Steel Satin, along with multiple size options.

“CUSTOM makes it easier than ever for installers, contractors, distributors and architects to get everything they need for their tile installation from one single source,” said Tony Pasquarelli, marketing services manager for Custom Building Products. “These high quality profiles and transitions look great, are priced and shipped competitively and are backed by Custom’s warranties when installed as part of a qualifying system of surface preparation, mortar and grout products.”

Custom’s Profiles and Transitions include families of beautiful, durable trim and edge pieces, suitable for floors, steps, walls and counter tops including the newest additions of coves and movement joint options. These are available in a variety of durable, popular materials including anodized, chrome-plated or coated aluminum, stainless steel, solid brass and PVC. Finishes and colors are designer-inspired to complement today’s most popular looks.


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