Regupol earns GreenCircle recertification

Posted Date: 9/30/2014

[Lebanon, Pa.] Regupol America, LLC, the inventor of recycled rubber for athletic surfaces, announced in July that all products have been recertified by GreenCircle Certified, LLC, considered one of the building industry’s most rigorous evaluation organizations where sustainability claims are concerned. Regupol America was the first company in Pennsylvania to earn GreenCircle certification in 2011. Today, they are the only recycled rubber surfaces company whose products are certified by GreenCircle, according to the company.

“Regupol has a standing commitment to providing quality products that are not only sustainable for the end-user, but for the environment as well,” said George Soukas, Regupol America president. “The characteristics of our products continue to increase our emphasis on sustainability and green building.”

Tad Radzinski, certification officer of GreenCircle, said, “One of the many benefits of GreenCircle certification is it provides a benchmark of performance. Regupol America has been using their certification to track performance over time, striving for continuous improvement to consistently deliver value to their customers.”

/Uploads/Public/Regupol 2.jpg


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