Ceramica Rondine invests and grows

Ceramica Rondine, a historic Italian ceramic company, is completing a major programme of technological investments with the aim of expanding its facilities and developing new production processes.

Expansion of the end-of-line department at the factory in Rubiera was concluded in February with the installation of new large-format tile handling lines (designed by Tecnoferrari) and the start-up of System automatic sorting lines equipped with a Multigecko line, a Griffon palletiser and a4Phases packaging machine which creates packages directly in the machine and prints graphics and logos on the package.

The technological upgrade work continued in March with the installation of the innovative dry cutting and rectification line from BMR installed on the porcelain floor tile production line. This eco-friendly technology eliminates the use of water in this phase of the production process and will enable Rondine to recover the powder generated by dry grinding and return it to the production process at its Spray Dry factory in Sassuolo for the production of ceramic body. Alongside the clear environmental benefits, the introduction of dry grinding technology will ensure greater cleanliness of the working environment, simpler purification and no less importantly excellent quality of the finished tiles.

This first stage of the wide-ranging technological renovation programme (a second stage is planned by the end of the year) will enable Rondine to expand its ceramic tile collections with interesting new offerings, including the latest new sizes: 45×90 cm (from which the submulitiples 22.5×90 cm and 15×90 cm are obtained by cutting) and 60×120 cm (with submultiples 20×120 cm and 30×120 cm).

Ceramica Rondine has three production facilities in the heart of the Italian tile manufacturing cluster (in Rubiera, Vetto and Sassuolo in the provinces of Reggio Emila and Modena) and has aworkforce of 300 people. Alongside the investment in technology, the company has also renovated the showroom and offices at its headquarters in Rubiera.

rondine 1

rondine 2

rondine 3

rondine 4

rondine 5

rondine 6

rondine 7



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