This summer, American Olean took customer service to new heights with a series of distributor road shows in Nashville, TN.  Held throughout the month of June, these meetings let participants preview the latest tile collections from American Olean and tour the most recent Dal-Tile production facility in Dickson, TN.  A key ingredient to these successful annual meetings is always the ongoing, special relationship between American Olean and its distributors.

“Distributors attending our American Olean road shows experienced energy, innovation and camaraderie,” said Hector Narvaez, vice president of distributor sales, American Olean.  “This is an exciting time for the brand and we had a lot to share with our distributors in attendance.”

Special Relationships

“One of the hallmarks of American Olean is the strength of the long-standing relationships with some of the industry’s best distributors — and it shows,” said Narvaez.  “Together American Olean and our distributor partners bring not only superior products to our customers, but unmatched customer service.  Our distributors are always excited about American Olean and the more we showed them during the recent meetings, the more enthused they became, ready to take their new knowledge and our latest products back to their customers!  There is also a trust and a shared-sense-of-purpose that has formed between American Olean and our distributors over the years.  This unique bond was palpable during the road shows and really lent itself to productive meetings — and we had a little fun as well!”

“Each of these annual meetings raises our synergy and level of partnership to the next level,” added Narvaez.  “The legacy of the American Olean brand is 94 years strong.  And, here’s to another 94 years!  Our goal during this meeting was to further equip our distributors for success with the American Olean brand.  We are not only sending them out with a trusted brand name, but trend-forward products that give our distributors everything they need to excel at servicing their customers, especially their A & D audiences.”

The Meetings

The two-day events kicked off in Nashville with participants viewing the latest product offerings from American Olean. On the second day participants were taken to tour the Dickson plant, which opened in 2016 and is the most advanced tile manufacturing facility of its kind in North America. During the tour, distributors learned more about the technology and cutting-edge innovation behind the American Olean product line.

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Read the full article at Tile Letter


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