In the News – Tile: The Modern Flooring Option

In the News – Tile: The Modern Flooring Option

Ceramic tile has evolved.  While known for its durability and ease of maintenance, tile may not have always been known as the modern flooring choice. But thanks to advances in inkjet printing, tile is now the ultimate modern flooring option.

Unparalleled Versatility. Unprecedented Technology.

Tile utilizes a combination of inkjet printing and digital imaging to create virtually limitless design options.  This innovative technology has it made possible to create realistic reproductions of other surface materials, such as reclaimed wood, granite, slate, and even fabrics. Not only can tile imitate the look of other flooring types, but it can also mimic the textures. This means that tile can continue to evolve at the same speed as the latest design trends.

Historic Durability in Modern Form

From ancient empires to modern mansions, tile has continued being used because of its incredible durability. Still to this day, tile remains the longest-lasting flooring option available. In a recent study conducted by Scharf-Godfrey, an independent cost consulting firm, tile was found to still be the longest-lasting flooring option. In fact, when compared to other flooring types that have recently gained popularity like luxury vinyl tile and laminate flooring, tile lasts two to five times longer.

With the help of modern printing technology, tile can offer the same look as virtually any other flooring type while still providing the durability that ceramic tile has become known for.

21st Century Convenience

In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency has become more important than ever. No one wants to spend countless hours polishing their hardwood floors or spot treating their carpets. The flooring option of today needs to facilitate this lifestyle rather than hinder it.

This is what makes tile the ultimate modern flooring option — not only does it offer limitless designs to choose from, it also provides the low-maintenance convenience that generations have relied on. Unlike other flooring options, tile provides a hard, flat surface that will not absorb liquids or other substances. This means that cleaning never requires more than a little soap and water.

The Floor of the Future

As trends change and other flooring types fall in and out of favor, ceramic tile will remain one of the most trusted solutions. Its design versatility will also continue to grow as technology continues to advance. This means that, regardless of what you throw at it, ceramic tile will remain the modern flooring option.

Ready to take advantage of this durability and convenient maintenance but not sure where to start? Download our free Tile Buying Guide now.

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