In the News – 3 Easy Ceramic Tile Flooring Patterns for Improving Any Room

In the News – 3 Easy Ceramic Tile Flooring Patterns for Improving Any Room

Other flooring types leave you with limited design options. But ceramic tile floors open up a world of possibilities. With tile you can make narrow rooms look wider, wide rooms look longer, and hide a room’s imperfections. These three popular patterns are easy to install and add sophisticated design to any room.

1. Straight Lay Tile Pattern

Lengthen a room with this easy to install pattern. This arrangement uses long grout lines that not only add visual length but also can point toward interesting focal points like a window or an entry way. This pattern works in any room and because of its simplicity you won’t have to worry about it clashing with other design patterns.

2. Diagonal Tile Pattern

Take attention away from how small a room is by shifting the focus to the widening angles of this pattern. If you want a little more visual interest with the same ease of installation as the straight lay, the diagonal pattern will do the trick. Use this arrangement to open up a tiny bathroom or expand a smaller kitchen.

3. Running Bond Tile Pattern

Draw eyes away from minor flaws in a room with this staggered arrangement. Simple to install yet visually stunning, this striking design really pops with a contrasting grout color. Install this configuration to hide crooked walls or to break up the pattern of existing wall tiles.

With running bond or brick joint patterns where the side being offset is greater than 18 inches, there are a few considerations you’ll want to be sure to check out with your tile or flooring professional to ensure you end up with the look you want and a flawless installation. In short, a maximum offset of 33% is very important with this pattern, but once you have that worked out in your planning, you’ll be all set!

Ceramic tile flooring brings easy elegance to any room. Whether you choose one of these common patterns or go for a more intricate one, ceramic tile floors offer options that will enhance any room.

Read more information at Why Tile

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