In the News – USA: tile imports down in the first quarter

In the News – USA: tile imports down in the first quarter

China collapses, Spain and Italy are doing well, Turkey and Brazil and new players are growing strongly

The data relating to imports of ceramic tiles in the United States in the first quarter of this year confirm the definitive exit from the Chinese market (-98% both in volume and value compared to the first quarter of 2019), as a consequence of the introduction of duties compensatory and anti-dumping.

Overall, imports to the USA in the first three months of 2020 suffered a sharp drop, stopping at 39 million square meters, about 7 million square meters less than the 46 million in the first quarter of 2019 (-14.9%).

But who lost them – in addition to China which left 11 of them on the plate! – and who earned it? Mexico continues to suffer, reducing exports to the USA by 1.8 million square meters (-19.6%), however, mitigating the fall in value (-6.9%). Peru also has a minus sign (-39% in volume and -37.5% in value).

All the other players in the American market, on the other hand, recorded increases in sales, starting from Spain and Italy: the former kept quantities virtually unchanged but marked a + 5% in value; Italy, on the other hand, posted a good + 4.8% in exported volumes, with a + 2.7% in dollars.

However, there are other countries on which the attention of US importers has focused in their process of replacing traditional Chinese suppliers: imports from Turkey almost doubled to 5.3 million square meters , + 20% those from Brazil , to which are added the newcomers, with India having quadrupled sales and Vietnam and Malaysia entering the rankings for the first time to also cover the share of materials at lower cost.



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