In the News – A day-by-day report at Cersaie by Joseph Lundgren Consulting

NTCA affiliate member Joseph Lundgren Consulting on the scene in Bologna at the Cersaie expo. Here’s his day-by-day report of the highlights of the show. All factories are Italian, unless otherwise indicated.

 Here we are at another Cersaie and day one is complete.  For those of you at the show, these are highlights for you to review on your travels.  Also remember there is free wifi at the show — Cersaie password: cersaie2016. Don’t forget to download the Cersaie app; it’s very helpful.

For those receiving this and not on the list you will be able to see these products as companies add them to their websites, and as your representatives bring them to the states.

Here are my opinions. You can see all my past notes on my website at:


Day One

I went off the beaten path and started at a few booths before I went back to the usual path.

Some thoughts thus far:

Thankfully the show was not full of hexagons, chevrons and brick looks.  However, you will find your share of large thin panels or slabs, whether made with Lamina technology (by System) or Continua (by Sacmi). For the sake of names, I will refer to them as slabs as we see more companies like The Size moving to thicker sizes (2 cm) to compete with granite, marbles and quartz. Also, we see our fair share of 2 cm products targeted at the landscape business continuing to grow as some U.S. manufacturers are choosing to make these stateside to save on freight and duties (Florim and Del Conca).


Hall 25-Cerdomus

Luca and his team did a great job and once again set some high goals for others.

  • Perla Nera – nice visual and the Marrone is an awesome color.
  • Materia – another great look
  • Kendo – is still hot from last year.
  • Arpege – with the Pietra Marfil is a great take on a marble look.
  • Jaipur – is a stone mix , its a strong graphic but nice.  I loved the reaction on the glazes.
  • Pulpis – added more colors the Grigio is right on.
  • Oxida – another great visual and colors.
  • Sequoia-five strong colors in an 8”x 48” and 24” x 48”.
  • Mowa – five main colors with a spin on five more with a blend of colors.
  • Othello – great wood look in eight colors and a texture called “grip” that is nice for exteriors.
  • Suite 63 – twelve colors yes that many, a nice contemporary spin on wood.
  • Blake – another wood that is simple, but elegant.
  • Extreme –  a wood with a ribbed finish that’s interesting, but not sure it’s for our market.

Mirage: Rev – a nice tweed concrete look.


  • Spaces – a take on slate, yes it’s back in some nice large sizes.
  • Chalet Wood it a nice wood look, kind of “knotty” but unique in an 8” x 48” and 8” x 71”.
  • Infinito 2.0 matte and glossy 6.5 mm. I liked the deco options with “Match.”
  • Dream – another nice slab option


Hall 36 

Energie Ker: H24 –  is a nice brushed concrete.

Nexo/Cobsa has a nice range of rectangular wall tiles which we all see growing in the U.S. market.

Keros Ceramica – Liked the wall in 8”x 20” from this Spanish factory.


  • District – very cool concept, loved the brick size with the mica.
  • Factory – simple clean concrete.


  • Simple flat concrete for those still in the market.
  • Fusion – a directional fabric look that is simple but nice for those that do not have it already.

Tagina: Contract – I love the Foresta colors.

Del Conca 

  • There are cool motorcycles and bicycles in the booth — which they are known for having crowd- pleasing props. Continua is on the way, and they are previewing some lines in multiple sizes and textures, very nice.
  • Pandora – very clean line coming in spring 2017.


  • Fashion Wood and Trend – cool concrete and wood look.
  • Majolica – very nice wall to go with the color palette.

Imola:  Genius – well it’s just genius  — very nice. A mix of three different stones with a nice wall line.

Emil:  Piase – another concrete, but with a nice veining


Hall 15

Gamma Due – Ornamenta

I love what this company has done with its identity, from being the world’s leader in third-fire decos (still is in my opinion) and created Ornamenta.

  • 80’s – contemporary extruded product unique.
  • Oplus – 3.5 mm with a different take on designs.
  • Raw – awesome wood that is definitely different from the rest.
  • Gone – this is a winner with three colors and twelve patterns, very competitive pricing for this look.

Artistica Due:  An Italian producer that is very competitive, and great looks.

Roca: Fabric – it looks like an aggressive texture, but smooth to the touch. A Spanish factory.

Bouquet by Tres Estilos: Nice wall looks by this traditional third-fire Spanish producer.

Realonda Ceramics:  3D decos from this Spanish company are nice, I know not a volume item for U.S., but a nice to have.


Hall 14

Fiordo: Tracks – a nice take on Limestone

Kerlite:  The “wonderwall” is just too cool !

Sintesi: Digital Tweed — very cool.

Panaria:  Trilogy is very nice.

Margres:  Tool and Edge both hit the mark for our market from this Portuguese factory, part of the Panariagroup.

Cinca:  Nice wall sizes and colors from this Portuguese factory.

Azuliber: Spanish factory

  • Nistos –  nice look in a traditional stone size 16”x 24”.
  • Arcon – three colors in the loved 12”x 24” and 20” x 40”
  • Fossil – another nice look in a 12” x 24” and 20” x 40”.

Metropol: Paint wood is a nice mix of colors from this Spanish factory.

Pamesa: Brickwall has a nice range. A Spanish producer

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In the News – Ben Bernake: Fed Rate Hike Not Forthcoming

In the News – Ben Bernake: Fed Rate Hike Not Forthcoming

Ben Bernanke thinks his former colleagues at the Federal Reserve will be reluctant to raise interest rates anytime soon.

One of Wall Street’s favorite pastimes is trying to discern hidden meaning in language tweaks from Fed officials. But Bernanke, the central bank’s former chairman, thinks doing so under current conditions will only lead investors astray.

In part, that’s because most Fed officials have been wrong on their economic forecasts over the past several years. They anticipated that economic growth would be stronger, while both the unemployment rate and the natural level of interest rates would be higher.

Chastened over their forecasting errors, Fed officials will be less likely to tip their hands on how they see the future, both in terms of growth and whether they will hike rates.

“It has not been lost on Fed policymakers that the world looks significantly different in some ways than they thought just a few years ago, and that the degree of uncertainty about how the economy and policy will evolve may now be unusually high,” Bernanke wrote this week in his most recent blog post for the Brookings Institution, a think tank he joined after leaving the Fed in 2014.

“In general, with policymakers sounding more agnostic and increasingly disinclined to provide clear guidance, Fed-watchers will see less benefit in parsing statements and speeches and more from paying close attention to the incoming data,” he added.

Bernanke’s successor, Janet Yellen, long has professed that the Federal Open Market Committee over which she presides is “data dependent.” However, it’s often been unclear which data Yellen and her colleagues watch, as unemployment has fallen well below the Fed’s target level, the economy has managed steady if less-than-stellar growth, and stock market levels set new records, spurring worries of asset bubbles.

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In the News – Market Share of Top Builders in 2009 and 2015

In the News – Market Share of Top Builders in 2009 and 2015

During the housing recovery, the market share of total closings among the top 100 builders increased by 11.7% from the depths of the Great Recession to 2015.

From 2009 to 2015, the market share of closings for the top 20 builders increased by 9.3%, and the market share among the top 50 builders increased by 10.7% over the same period.

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In the News – March Consumer Sentiment Rose from Preliminary Expectations

In the News – March Consumer Sentiment Rose from Preliminary Expectations

Consumer sentiment fell 0.8% in March to 91.0 from February’s 91.7 mark, according to the final results from the University of Michigan’s Survey of Consumers.

This represents a 2.2% decrease year over year.

“Consumer confidence inched upward in late March due to more favorable economic expectations, but the gain still left the Sentiment Index slightly below last month’s level,” said Survey of Consumers chief economist, Richard Curtin.

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In the News – NTCA Presents the Trends for 2016

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