Easy Updated Looks – #whytile

Easy Updated Looks – #whytile

Looking to bring your bathroom in line with the latest trends? Here are 4 shower remodeling tips for achieving an easy-to-update look that lasts.

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National Take Your Dog to Work Day – #whytile

National Take Your Dog to Work Day – #whytile

Don’t leave your pooch pouting at home – it’s National Take Your Dog to Work Day! Ceramic and porcelain are smart flooring choices for the workplace for many reasons. It’s low-maintenance, long-lasting, and stainresistant, so cleaning up paw prints will be a breeze! Peace of mind for pets and people – that’s #WhyTile!

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Easy Care

In the News – CERSAIE Postponed to 2021

In the News – CERSAIE Postponed to 2021

We had imagined a Cersaie 2020 Open, an event that would be open to visitors, to a new layout, to new products. But the ongoing Covid-19 health emergency in too many countries makes it impossible for us to organise an exhibition that would guarantee the presence of professionals from all over the world.

Rest assured, however, that the appointment has only been postponed. We are working for you and with you to carry through and improve on the plans that were originally due to be implemented this year.
It will be a Cersaie 2021 focused on optimism and safety, a platform to support the renewed growth of all our stakeholders.

In the meantime, to keep you updated on current issues and on various themes of architecture and design, we are preparing a number of on-line initiatives for you that you can view on this page.

We look forward to seeing you in Bologna from 27 September to 1 October 2021.


Natural Weather Resistance – #whytile

Natural Weather Resistance – #whytile

Be one with nature by using ceramic tile in your outdoor spaces. Made from naturally occurring materials, ceramic’s frost, water and heat resistance, and anti-slip advantages mean you can enjoy the same beauty and range of options indoors and outdoors, allowing for seamless transitions between the two spaces. Whether you want a wood look walkway or a sleek, porcelain paver patio, ceramic tile ensures your look will last for decades!

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Ancient Rome Ceramic Tile – #whytile

Ancient Rome Ceramic Tile – #whytile

Did you know? The Ancient Romans used none other than ceramic tile to maintain the heat in rooms as an early form of central heating via burning wood for a complex underground heating system called a hypocaust.

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Ceramic in Summer – #whytile

Ceramic in Summer – #whytile

Summer is almost here, and there’s nothing more
relaxing than laying by the pool on a beautiful
sunny day! Ceramic tile is a great choice for your
outdoor oasis because it is made to last. Zero
fading and slip resistant options mean you can
safely enjoy those fun days at the pool!

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