Companies must have the most current and accurate data in order to plan. In addition, they must have the right sales people in the correct areas in order to gain the market share they want to attain.  JLC has assisted companies gain market share by improving their sales force and focusing them on driving sales.


Companies around the world look to our marketing services because of the historical success JLC has accomplished. This includes creating a plan that is detailed to your business to capitalize on your market opportunities.  JLC will create a demand for your products through mix and merchandising.  JLC will ensure a return on your marketing investments.

2 thoughts on “Consulting

  1. I am contacting you at the recommendation of NARI and the NTCA. I am caught in the middle of a problem with a $24000.00 Marazzi, Treverkchic Italiano rectified tile floor. Halfway through the grouting process, I expressed my concern about the amount of grout (not enough) being used. You can see the side of the tile which is creating white lines all over the floor. You can feel the top edges. The installer taped down brown paper in the traffic zones when he was finished – as people walked on it – it created lines (impressions) on every edge. I even took an impression of it to Marazzi – they said not enough grout – however they don’t want to rock the boat with their customer (installer) – so asked me not to mention I had talked to them. The installer says it’s a design flaw with the tile. …and the last thing he said was something about a permanent marker (to cover up the white lines) …which doesn’t solve the problem. I have pictures that shows clearly the problem. Do you have a suggestion on how I can resolve this issue?

    Thank you,
    Vickie Mason
    Cresson, Texas

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